Sunday, October 2, 2022
Ñuble Rupanco 165, Chillán, Región de Ñuble


Safety Area

Safety guidelines Curimapu

  • Contractor safety: Curimapu makes sure that their contractors are governed by Chilean’s law 20.123 always ensuring the workers’ wellbeing and safety
  • Safety in operations plant: Safety inside our facilities is priority, therefore we have a risk prevention team that makes sure all of our facilities fulfill with the regulations to ensure not only the correct functioning of the process but also the safety of our workers.
  • HSE on the field: Working in the field comes with a series of risks associated to weather conditions, this is why our fieldmen put their safety and those who work with them in field as priority.
  • Global citizen: Curimapu contributes to the safety of our neighbors following all legal guidelines and taking all precautions needed when it’s time to apply chemicals or doing field work with farm equipment.


Located in the new region de Ñuble, Curimapu focuses its projects of helping the community in this area. Over the last few years there’s been a fund designated to the collaboration and contribution to the firefighter company of Bulnes and the nursing home of Santa Clara. In this last one we also make sure their facilities are in optimal shape to offer the best care to its beneficiaries, remodeling and improving their home.

Todo Ñuble cuida el agua

Curimapu takes part of the “todo Ñuble cuida el agua” campaign, organized by local newspaper La Discusión that has as a goal to promote the sustainable use of this resource

Because Every Drop Counts, let’s take care of water